Spa Quality Gold Collagen Eye Mask – Hyaluronic Acid, Colloidal Gold, Collagen


  • Gold Collagen Eye Mask is a Trademarked Bellisima product
  • Colloidal gold, collagen, rose oil, and seaweed extracts results in fast rejuvenation of skin with moisturizing & anti-inflammatory effects around tired eyes
  • Perfect for rehydrating dry, damaged eyes, reducing dark circles and leaving skin smooth and firm
  • Collagen gole eye mask enhances collagen synthesis process, which can combat the effects of aging and overexposure to sunlight and the elements
  • Anti-wrinkle formula stimulates cellular regeneration and promotes better pH balance in skin


Whether you need intense skin repair for an event (prom, formal dance, photo shoot, etc.) or you just want to pamper yourself, you won’t be disappointed by this luxurious, spa-quality gold collagen eye mask. Unlock the lifting and firming potency of our collagen, colloidal gold, and hyaluronic acid formula that will rehydrate your skin, leaving your eyes looking and feeling smooth and refreshed. This moisturizing collagen eye mask will activate cellular regeneration and balance the pH of your skin, through its gold collagen, seaweed extracts, oat peptides, rose oil, and colloidal gold ingredients. Developed from a proprietary blend of collagen, and natural bio-ingredients, this facial mask will help your face slow down collagen depletion and and elastin breakdown. Stimulating cellular regrowth at the basal layer of the skin, our collagen face mask will regenerate worn and tired skin, and will combat the damaging effects of sun exposure, prolonged dryness, and the effects of aging. Recommended for all skin types. Directions for Use: 1. Cleanse and dry your face thoroughly 2. Open sealed collagen gold eye mask package and apply masque to the lower eye lids 3. Gently press the eye mask into position and hold until it is firmly in place 4. Apply any excess bio gold collagen gel from eye mask packet onto your face to create a snug fit 5. Wear the collagen eye mask for 20-30 minutes and RELAX 6. Remove the collagen eye mask gently 7. Enjoy looking at the new you in the mirror and getting compliments about your younger and firmer skin Cautions: – For external use only – we shouldn’t have to say this, but just in case 🙂 – Do not use this collagen eye mask on sunburns or irritated skin – Avoid using on hyper-sensitive skin – Stop using if irritation occurs – Keep out of reach of children – If you have any reactions to this collagen gold eye mask, please consult with a medical professional.